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Oct 2022We received an >update letter from PETI commission on FATCA petitions.
April 2022>Our reaction to letter from PETI chair.
April 2022>Letter from Chair PETI Commission to Members of European Parliament and Petitioners.
March 2022>Letter from Commissioners Reynders and McGuinness to PETI as response on petitions 0323/2021, 1470/2020 and 0394/2021 saying that FATCA-IGAs are the responsibility of the Member states.
Jan 2022Based on the letter of Mr Gentilony we have send >a letter to Peti Chair asking here to take urgent action to restore our faith in the democratic process.
Jan 2022Again >Commissioner Gentilony replies to >questions from MEP Christophe Hansen; member states are responsible for FATCA-IGAs and the GDPR consequences. The member states have to solve the issues, not the European Commission.
Nov 2021In our letter Chair of JURI & LIBE we >request for action against discrimination against 1,2 million EU citizens
Oct 2021>In Commisioner McGuinness answer to >the questions from MEP Valérie Hayer she talks again about the PAD but avoids  discrimination in fund industry - the topic of our petition - because there is no equivalent of the PAD in fund industry. She also talks about “concrete improvements for Accidental Americans” probably referring herself to discrimination of the Commission COVID&GREEN bonds.
Oct 2021In our letter to Ms. Vuarlot-Dignac (ESMA) and Ms. Montserrat (PETI Chair), we >ask ESMA and EU Parliament to start within 1 month the investigation of the 11 national competent authorities.
Oct 2021In this letter, from Ms. Montserrat (PETI Chair) to Mr. Reynders (Commissioner JUST), reminds him at >the lack of developments and asks him for help to find a solution but totally ignores our petition our request to trigger art 18 of the TFUE to stop discrimination.
Oct 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Mr. Crabit (DG-Just), Ms. Jelinek (Chair) and all member states’ DPAs, discusses the latest report issued by the Council of Europe’s Consultative Data Protection Committee (T-PD) on the data protection implications of automatic exchange of information. Title: >FATCA; Further expert evidence
Oct 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Mr Crabit (DG-Just), discusses a recent letter from the Chair of the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee (PETI) to the European Commission and asks the Commission to deal with our GDPR-258 TFEU Complaint dated 3 April 2020. Title: >FATCA; GDPR-258 TFEU Complaint: Time to make it real!
Oct 2021Petitioner NickL (petition 0394/2021) formally asked for all EU documentation around FATCA and FATCA petitions, see >link to all requests. His goal is to find mismatches in what they say they are doing and what they really doing and why.
Sept 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Mr. Crabit (DG-Just), brings together a timeline of the main events concerning FATCA in the EU and asks the European Commission to provide a substantial answer to his complaint dated 7 April 2020. Title: >FATCA and data protection in the EU; The optical illusion continues
Sept 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Ms.Montserrat (PETI Chair), Mr Crabit (DG-Just) and Mr Ducolombier (DG-FISMA), discusses the recent responses from the European Commission and national data protection authorities to the request to take action against the disproportionate nature of FATCA Title: >FATCA; A ping-pong game at the heart of the EU
Sept 2021In our letter to Mr. Ducolombier (DG-FISMA), >we react to his answer to us at PETI hearing on September 2nd, to Filippo Noseda’s letter dated September 13th and to some quick questions (RE: “US Selling restrictions” in the Commission’s financial documentation of its COVID and GREEN bonds).
Sept 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Mr. Ducolombier (DG-FISMA), is a response to an email from the Head of the European Commission’s financial services directorate in which he defended his recent statements before the European Parliament. The letter highlights the gap between the Commission’s statements and the evidence (including internal documents from the Commission). Title: >FATCA; Our criticism of the Commission services
Sept 2021This letter, from Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) to Mr. Crabit (DG-Just), discusses the European Commission’s holding reply to our complaint dated 7 April 2020 under Art. 258 of the EU Treaty (infringement proceedings against EU Member States). Title: >FATCA Existing request for infringement proceedings against EU Member States
Sept 2021As a response the PETI hearing at Sept 2, Filippo Noseda (Mishcon de Reya) wrote this letter to Ms. Montserrat (PETI Chair) and Mr. Ducolombier (DG-FISMA). It fact-checks the statement made on behalf of the European Commissioners during the latest hearing on FATCA before the European Parliament’s Petitions Committee. Title: >Further FATCA hearing before the European Parliament – 2 September 2021
Sept 2021Hyperlinks to: >PETI meeting September 2nd (60 minutes) >Our presentation at PETI Sept 2nd (5 minutes) >The Commission’s answer by DG FISMA (9 minutes) >Next steps defined by PETI Chair  (3 minutes) >Our conclusion (2 minutes) 
Sept 2021We are invited by the PETI Commission to present our petition (in 5 minutes) to Members of the European Parliament at September 2nd at about 13:45. You can follow this meeting live at: >European Parliament streaming, or as of the following day at: >Webstreaming - Multimedia Centre (
July 2021Régis BISMUTH, Professor at Sciences Po Law School in Paris, wrote an editorial titled: “European bonds issues: is the Commission participating in an enterprise of discrimination based on nationality?” >English version, >French version

PRESS releases

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Jan 2022International group of EU petitioners call on MEPs to launch a motion of censure against the European Commission>here
Sept 2021Press releases before PETI meeting Sept 2nd>English, >French, >Dutch